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Getnisa Engineering Consulting Group is a group of independent companies consisting of financial groups and builders, who has been developing, consolidating and expanding their areas of action with a policy based on professionalism and clear commitment to customer service for over 30 years.

Its activities have been developed mainly in Spain but also in countries such as Algeria, Senegal, Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Bolivia, Honduras and Brazil. We provide specialized work for private companies, communities, municipalities, regional and national agencies.

The Group consists Civil Engineering Getnisa and Environmental Engineering S.L.P.

Since it began its journey, the Group has specialized in both the field of studies and projects and in the direction and control of works, which has allowed him to participate in large infrastructure projects both inside and outside Spain.

We have extensive experience in all fields of Civil Engineering, Hydraulics, Architecture, Urbanism and Environment, accredited by numerous contracts made ​​at both central government agencies such as state, local and private companies in the geographical area of Spain.

The company has been contributing to sustainable development and social commitment through collaboration on economic social and cultural institutions.